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We provides the following service support to its customers.

  1. Sizing & Load assessment
    Depending upon your application requirement, our expert engineers can measure the load and suggest the battery configuration for the backup time that you need.

2. Site Study & Installation of new products
Our Service engineers visit your site to suggest the installation requirements so that the site can be made ready for installation of your new Product. Once the site is ready, the product will be installed in a professional manner by experienced Engineers so that the equipment functions smoothly.

3. Warranty support
Our every Product sold carries a warranty against manufacturing defects. During the warranty period, We provides breakdown support and also preventive maintenance to ensure trouble-free operations.

4. Comprehensive & Non Comprehensive AMC Support
Post warranty, the customer has the option to enter into a Comprehensive AMC Support or a Non Comprehensive AMC Support by way of a contract specifying the terms & conditions.
Comprehensive AMC entitles the customer to get unlimited breakdown support and Preventive maintenance including genuine company spare parts with some exclusions.
Non – Comprehensive AMC entitles the customer to get Preventive Maintenance as agreed in the specific contract and only visits during AMC period. All spare parts will be chargeable.

5. Per Call Support
For products which are not under warranty or AMC, customers can avail support by requesting service support. Such service calls will be charged per visit and spare parts as applicable.

6. Upgrade to existing product
For existing customers, if the requirement changes, suitable upgrades will be suggested based on customer requirements. Where possible, the existing product may be upgraded by increasing backup time or providing a bigger product against buyback of the existing product.

Please contact [email protected] for all your service requirements. Alternately, please call +91(080)35003975

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