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Pressure Monitors

Alongside temperature, pressure is one of the most important measurement parameters.

  • Whether absolute pressure,
  • differential pressure
  • or relative pressure –

Testo offers the ideal electronic or digital pressure measuring instrument for every measurement requirement involving the pressure parameter.

Pressure gauges from Testo: discover our extensive range of products

Absolute pressure meter

Small, handy, practical and at the same time highly precise.

Differential pressure gauge

In addition, measures volume flow in ventilation ducts too.


Digital pressure gauge which also analyzes and saves – optimized for smartphone/tablet App.

Refrigerant scale

Fully automatic and precise charging of refrigeration systems and heat pumps.

Vacuum gauge

High-precision manometers – for the reliable evacuation of refrigeration systems.

Pressure and leak flow meter

Measures all prescribed pressures and leakage quantities.

High pressure gauge

For service and troubleshooting on air conditioning and refrigeration systems, as well as for installing them.

Digital barometer

Determine pressure easily in seconds with high-quality digital barometers.

Pressure data logger

Detailed monitoring of pressure and other values.

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