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Data Monitoring

There are also dataloggers which can be used to test the optimum conditions for specific products. In particular, temperature data loggers are often used. A USB data logger can ensure particularly easy handling. However, there are still further practical solutions.

If you want to purchase one or more data loggers, there are various factors that have a role to play in making a choice:

  • What values can be measured with the instrument? 
  • How accurate are the measuring values?
  • Can the measurements be repeated?
  • How long is the service life of the rechargeable battery? 
  • Are follow-on costs incurred while using the instrument?
  • What software goes with the instrument?

All products for data monitoring

Wi-Fi data logger

Fully automatic systems with easy installation and operation.

USB data logger

Comprehensive and reliable data acquisition.

Temperature data logger

Practical aids for temperature monitoring.

Humidity data logger

Reliable measurement and documentation of humidity and temperature values.

Pressure data logger

Detailed monitoring of pressure and other values.

CO₂ data logger

Perfect for measuring gas values in living and working areas.

UV data logger

Effective monitoring and documentation of exposure to light and UV radiation.

Shock data logger

Recording of vibrations for the optimum transport monitoring.

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